Luxurious Transitional Vacation Rental
Homosassa Florida, FL
Welcome To Our Transitional Home
 ''Home Away from Home''

Heilig Haus Transitional Home, filled with love where serenity meets exclusivity.  Our Boutique transitional home could be yours to stay where we offer a luxurious long-term stay with the unique experience. Our only GOAL is to make your stay here most Relaxed, Luxurious, Convenient and Comfortable!!

If you are looking for a calm, quiet relaxed Supervised stay, Heilig Haus has 24/7/365 days live in staff to help including day to day needs, food/dietary, in town tours, hospital runs etc.

We are here all day every day with personal hands-on service. 
Are you ready for a Great Memorable and Affordable stay in a Luxurious home filled with loving help? 

 Heilig Haus is your One Stop Destination offering Luxurious Transitional Stay with Unique experience.

Luxury Vacation Rentals Homosassa
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About Heilig Haus

 "Welcome to the Unique Quiet Heilig Haus where Your Comfort and Satisfaction is our Utmost Goal.  As soon as you step in the Heilig Haus you will be greeted with smiles and a Gorgeous Warm Custom Made Indoor Pool and a refreshing cool beverage of your choice.  Once you are here, all your worries are left out of the gate. Our family-run Heilig Haus offers everything holiday-makers could wish for including luxurious rooms, an indoor pool, and tv. We can arrange for any recreational activities, just let know your concierge ahead of time." 

*Non-Smoking facility
*Owners occupied rental property 

  1. Vacation Rental Homosassa
    Vacation Rental Homosassa
    "Welcome to the Unique Quiet Heilig Haus where Your Comfort and Satisfaction is our Utmost Goal. A Gorgeous Warm Custom Made Indoor Pool and a refreshing cool beverage of your choice. Our family-run Heilig Haus offers everything holiday-makers could wish.
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